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With support from local industry, Clean Driving has put together an unbeatable Electric Vehicle offer! Find out how we can help you own an EV sooner.

Interested in a contributing to a sustainable future?

Looking for a Zero Emission transport solution?

Looking to purchase an Electric Vehicle?

Look No Further.

Clean driving is excited to be bringing electric vehicles to the Canberra region today. You may have seen the green Blade Electron driving around Canberra with the “I’m run on 100% green electricity”. If so, you’ve seen the future of Zero Emissions driving.

We are excited to launch our First50 campaign. This campaign aims to have 50 EV’s on the road in Canberra later in 2011.

Electric vehicles are a sustainable transport option; they have zero emissions, and reduce air and noise pollution. While they are currently new on the market and sometimes difficult to come by, Clean Driving can put you in touch with EV’s that are available now.

We are generating momentum to get more EV’s on the road sooner – creating demand to increase supply!

If you’re interested in purchasing an EV, supporting our First50 campaign, or just learning more about electric vehicles please feel free to contact us.

This project is managed by Wollemi Systems, an ACT IT company focused on sustainable solutions. We are excited to have purchased the first commercially available electric car in Canberra and are passionate about promoting the benefits of Electric Vehicles.

Find out more about CleanDriving and the Wollemi EV story here.

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