The Offer – Buyer Information

The Offer – Buyer Information

Bringing the First 50 Electric Vehicles to the ACT.
The Offer!
We’re calling it ‘The First50 Offer!’ By purchasing a large volume of vehicles, the First50 Project ensures significant savings, and better deals than would otherwise be accessible. The vehicles will be available for direct purchase, or through highly competitive finance arrangements.

We are excited to announce that we have secured support from Blade Electric Vehicles, Origin Energy and Mitsubishi – which means that we can now make you a great First50 offer.

As part of Origin Energy’s Gold Sponsorship they are offering Origin ChargePoint Charging Solutions for public places and great rates for commercial premises.

As you may know, electric vehicles are difficult to come by so if you are interested in getting an electric vehicle before March I suggest that you let us know as soon as you can.

Blade Electron Offer
Origin Energy Offer
Mitsubishi Offer

Don’t miss out! If you don’t make it onto the First50 list you could miss out on participating in the First50 Offer.

Register your interest here.

Blade Electron Offer – Platinum Sponsors

The Blade Electron Mark V is usually priced at $49,990 and is being offered to our First50 buyers for $48,000.

Additionally, Blade offers a standard 3 year buy back guarantee; however for the First50 they are guaranteeing a $24,000 buy back at year three, rather than $18,000 – that is an additional $6000 benefit. This buyback guarantee is on the condition that the vehicle has no more than $500 damage to the vehicle above normal ware.

They also offer a three month satisfaction guarantee. After 3 months Blade will buy back the Electron for the sale price less all taxes associated with the transfer on the condition that there is no more than $300 in damage to the vehicle.

Blade offers a five year warranty. Five years conditional on the conduct of scheduled services by an approved service provider, no unapproved modifications, normal urban use and daily recharging.

On acceptance of the quotation BEV requires a completed sale contract and $5000 deposit with the balance due prior to delivery. Delivery costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.

For more information on the vehicle specifications please visit the blade website or

Click here to view the Blade Mark V options and possible colours.

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Origin Energy Offer – Gold Sponsors

Origin Energy are working toward having 2 to 3 public charge stations around Canberra. The Origin ChargePoint is part of a ‘smart’ network which provides significant user benefits such as:

• RFID Secure User Authentication
• Real time charging station availability via the internet
• Access to usage data through customised web based portals
• Automatic notifications of charging status via SMS or email
• Summaries of reductions in greenhouse emissions

All going well, the green power that these will provide will be offered free of charge to the First50 customers for the first 12 months. There are a few logistical issues to overcome, we don’t anticipate issues at this stage.
Commercial customers who would like to have a charge station installed on their premises can lease an integrated solution for a low monthly fee – this will be negotiated with the customer and the cost will depend on the following criteria:

1. The suitability of proposed ACT locations for the installations
2. The participation of an appropriately qualified installation company to undertake the development approval process, civil works and physical installation of the bollards.

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Mitsubishi Offer

The Mitsubishi iMiEV is available through a leased financial arrangement. You can see the details of this contract here.

Fundamentally, the iMiEV is available on a 36 month contract, for $1740 per month including GST.

There are no options to select from however you can select a white or silver model.