Electric vehicles referred to on this site use electricity only as their power supply– this means that they only use electric motors for propulsion.

There are two types of electric vehicles – plug in and battery exchange. Both the iMiEV and the Blade Electron use a plug in, electric socket in order to recharge

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Blade Electron                                                                                                 IMiEV

Leaf Nissan (not yet available in Australia)

Vehicles making use of engines working on the principle of combustion can usually only derive their energy from a single or a few sources, usually non-renewable fossil fuels. A key advantage of electric vehicles is regenerative braking and suspension their ability to recover energy normally lost during braking as electricity to be restored to the on-board battery.

EVs are very efficient. They have to be. A pound of battery has 1/100 of the energy of a pound of gasoline. On average, a 30 mpg petrol fueled, internal combustion engine car uses only 5% to 10% of the energy of its fuel, whereas the EV converts 70% to 80% of the battery’s pack into propulsion, for the same mile.

EV Facts

  • EVs produce zero emissions at the point of use.
  • An electric motor is 400% to 600% more efficient than a petrol fueled internal combustion engine.
  • Even if an EV is fueled by coal fired power plant they are still run 400% to 500% more efficiently than a petrol fueled combustion engine.
  • EVs can use electricity from anywhere including sustainable energy resources (wave, wind or sun).
  • EVs are simple, silent, and affordable to operate.
  • EV’s have the same torque at all speeds. You don’t need to go through different gear changes for different speeds. Electric cars don’t need gear boxes, or torque converters. They have full power at all speeds and offer a smooth ride from the get-go! This is ideal for stop-and-start city driving and traffic jams. When you’re just starting to move from a stopping position, your engine has the same power propelling it as it has at higher speeds.
  • Electric cars are very reliable and easy to maintain. No grease for a start! They are quite simple, in mechanical terms. Therefore there is less to go wrong. There is less overall wear and tear on your car and less parts that have to be replaced. You don’t have the same servicing costs of gas cars, like engine-tuning, mufflers, oil changes, starter, radiators, water pumps etc. So, savings all round!
  • Electric cars can go from zero to sixty a lot faster than combustion engine cars. You’ll enjoy this if you fancy a quick take-off from the lights leaving the petrol heads gaping! Even if you’re not such a show-off, you will notice the even power of driving electric!


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